affidavit of truth right to travel

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Thus, be it known to all, that I reserve my natural common law right not to be. there is no law requiring me to have a license to travel for my own pleasure and.
Every living being has a right to travel freely.. You here him say the cop was reading his affidavit of truth, that's a piece of paper stating that he.
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I have been getting so many requests for a copy of my affidavit that I decided to. I hate these videos about the supposed "right to travel", even if you have the .. I guess the shills took it down to make it harder for people to find the TRUTH.

affidavit of truth right to travel

Police encounter. Freeman gets off driving without a license.

affidavit of truth right to travel

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Common law Right to Travel Freeman encounters Police | The PPJ.

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Jan 10, 2009. Julius, if one were to declare themselves a national, exercising their right to travel by not submitting to licensing. Provide me with an affidavit of injured party, or why you are not ... the truth is, it doesnt "work" the way some of us are thinking.what it.

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