touch sensor switch for lamps

touch sensor switch for lamps

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Three Wire System Wall Mount Touch Sensor Delay Induction Light.

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Curved Circuit Board Art: Make a Touchless Touch-Switch LED Lamp.
Item #: AUVR9. Item Name: 5W LED 280 lumens desk lamp with touch sensor dimmer switch. Dimensions: " Tall x " Wide. Finish: Chrome/Mirror. Family: Lumens.
Shop a variety of quality Light Switches and Electrical that are available for purchase. cost way to bring light automation to your home; Uses advanced XCT sensing .. Legrand 15-Amp adorne Touch Magnesium 3-Way Square Light Switch.
5w Led 280 Lumens Desk Lamp With Touch Sensor Dimmer Switch.

touch sensor switch for lamps

Bluetooth + Capacitive Touch Light Switch | theUltimateLabs.

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Jul 3, 2012. Now I've embedded Bluetooth into a light switch.. command just tells the ATtiny85 to reset the baseline for the capacitive touch sensing.
I have a touch lamp and a tv that is connected on the same curcuit and. I have a switch box mounted motion sensor for my laundry room.
Touch Control Lightswitch to turn your regular lamp into a touch lamp. Light up a  room by tapping the metal base or metal pole of your lamp. Brightens from low.