meaning phrase baited breath

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meaning phrase baited breath

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meaning phrase baited breath

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Jul 2, 2012. We are all no doubt familiar with the phrase "with bated breath," but is it. Aside from its meaning within the idiom "with bated breath," bate as a.
"bated" here is short for "abated", meaning reduced or lessened.. The common phrase “Waiting with bated breath” refers to someone holding.

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The archaic verb bate, meaning to lessen the intensity of, rarely appears in modern English outside the phrase bated breath. So unless you're using bated.
Jun 9, 2012. In English, we took the object and derived a word meaning conned or .. Occasionally, the phrase is erroneously written as “baited breath”.
Definition of bait from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations. The phrase "baited breath"... still looking, spelled correctly?
Define bated. What is bated? bated meaning and more by Macmillan Dictionary. . phrase. We waited with bated breath to find out who had won. Thesaurus.
breaths use in phrases and idioms.. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. . We stood there with bated breath while the man hung on the side of the.
Information about baited in the free online English dictionary and. Usage: The phrase with bated breath is sometimes wrongly spelled with baited breath.

What does the saying "I'll be waiting with bated breasts" mean.
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